OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts: What’s the Difference?

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If you’ve ever been in an accident, then you’ve likely explored your options when it comes to repair services and parts pricing, but is there a difference in OEM Parts vs. aftermarket parts? While we do everything we can to use only genuine OEM parts at Peacock Collision Center, sometimes aftermarket parts are necessary, and they have their advantages. Whether doing your own repairs or visiting a collision center like ours, you should know the difference between these two kinds of parts before making decisions.

OEM Parts

Standing for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” OEM parts have been constructed by the same company that originally built it for your car company. For this reason, OEM parts are for all intents and purposes identical to the parts in your car when it was first manufactured, making them a solid choice when it comes to vehicle repairs. This is especially true if your car is only 3 or 4 years old and the repair is not covered by warranty, because OEM parts are modestly priced but are of high quality.

Aftermarket parts

Unlike OEM parts, aftermarket parts have been built by a company other than that which originally designed the parts for your vehicle. Usually, these parts are less expensive than OEM parts, and in the case of significantly old vehicles, they can even be of higher quality. If your car is over 3 or 4 years old, then an aftermarket part might be the way to go: it’ll be less expensive, and there’s a likelihood that it’ll be even higher-performing than an OEM part.

Stop By Peacock Collision Center for More Information

After making your choices and following our steps in what to do after a collision, you should start thinking about aftermarket vs OEM parts. If you’re up in the air about what might be best for your repairs, feel free to drop by Peacock Collision Center and we’ll work to clarify things. You’ll find us at 1667 North Okatie Highway in Ridgeland, SC, and we can reached by telephone at 800-483-0578 or via this online form with any questions about auto repairs.

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